Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Princess Mini Book

3 Princess' Mini Book

I am so excited about this book!!!
It has been a dream to make for quite some time.
My photo shoot with the girls was such a
joy, and we did so many fun things
that day.

Each page reflects the things we did together,
and the things we do together!

I purchased skirts for each of the girls.
They so love to dance, listen to music, and twirl!
Girls love to twirl!

Products used:
Princess Cardstock
Pink mini dew drops
Princess Glitter Sticker 
(not many of these left in the warehouse)
Glitter Pink Journaling tags

In between the first 2 pages is this little book,
the glitter words on the front is from Glitter Princess Words.
I just cut the ends of the words to give it its look.
Paper is a retired Robin's Nest

Each grand daughter gets her own page.
I so love how this turned out.
Remember all the papers I have used
are on our website

I used the Princess Collection to create this  book.

I used a Clear Scraps Crown book
to create these crown pages, I added pictures to both sides
and dew drops.  I distressed with pink ink.

Aliyah's page here.
I used 3 different kinds of papers and journaling tags.

I tied the holes,
with ribbons on these clear crown pages,
it gives it a cute little look aside
from the fact that they really were
holes for a book.

Kadence is the youngest of the three.
Her pages started a new idea, I decided to add a little mini
flower to each page with a metallic pink dew drop in the
 middle of the flower.
I do love telling about the girls on the journaling tags,
these have become just a very important part of the book.
I wanted to tell a story about the 3 girls
like a story book.
When they came to visit a month ago,
I took Aliyah aside,
and we read the book together.  She was
so excited for the next page,
the move away from their "fairy grand mother" (me)
to a new castle.

I still have not finished the story on this page, but I will
eventually get it finished.
I used the glitter princess chipboard shapes
to this page.
They turned out great on here as part of the

I was so glad to still have a few embellishments from
Gina's Designs.  They just fit in so well,
from doilies to dress forms.

Our little tea party with lemonade and brownies
out in the back yard.
They had so much fun
pouring and sipping and
dressing up.

This little book page goes
in between the page above.

Dancing and twirling are
very important in little girls lives!
this is why we have such cute dress up
clothes at grandma's house!

Now it is time to end our book and 
say good-bye with a kiss.

More pictures of our cute pages.

It is such a fun book.
I am so glad that I was able to save
embellishments, paper, pictures
for our little book
about the 3 little Princesses.

Aliyah and I read this book together
when she was visiting last.  She would smile
as I read the story with her, she sounding out
her words, and I helping her with some of
the hard ones.
When it came to the end,
and I read the ending, that the 3 little
princess' loved their new castle, she sighed a
big sigh, smiled, and gave me a hug.

Aren't grand children just the best!

Here is the cover again that
I showed last week.

Thanks for visiting with us.

you can buy these papers and stickers
in our
Princess Collection

Ciao and lots of hugs,


Monday, April 21, 2014

A Little Girls - Must Have!

Start them off with.......
what appears to be a container full of baby products, shampoo, lotions, potions, gift cards and such, but watch as this same container becomes someone's first purse.
I cut the base off of a vinegar jug, after I washed it out and removed the labels. I loved the oval shape, so I went with it. Next I used my hole punch and popped holes all around the top edge. Not too far in, not too far apart, but just a nice distance to work my yarn around. Next I used a single crochet pattern for about 6 rounds. I then used white yarn for a scallop edge. I made two handles and voila, one little purse, one sweet gift basket, one great memory this will be. Don't you just love how those stickers from the Special Delivery Collection seem like they were made for this project. I think I need more of those stickers and lucky for me, they are 20% off this month at The Robins Nest.

This project will help save our landfills and your money - a win win!
Why not make one of these adorable "bucket bags" for your next little bundle of joy.

Give A Gift

Give a Gift
I just couldn't resist trying my hand at a "yesteryear" craft. You've probably all seen these holiday card containers, right? If you haven't type "card basket" into google. You will find all sorts of inspiration, designs, patterns and more there. I found my pattern on pinterest. I'm sure I could have designed my own pattern, but I wanted a starting spot, so this seemed more efficient.
Here are my finished pieces.


Now as you can see, I need to do a few more to really master the art of putting these together. But I really do like how they turned out. I kept it really simple for my first pieces. I will however be trying to crochet my edges with fancy yarn and such in the future. The video does explain the process and offers some tips. As for these pieces, well I think they will do just fine as a gift box for a small baby gift. Make sure to check out the google link, there are some really stunning pieces shown there. I know that I will be making many more of these, they are fun and its a bit of a surprise for you the maker, when they come together. 
All the paper products used here are from the Special Delivery Collection and are 20% off until the end of April. Don't forget to stock up on some Dew Drops, they are a must have for this project and if you're like me, you won't be able to make just one, so get a lot of colors.

Imagine a basket for cookies, small gifts or keepsakes.
Thanks for watching. Lee

Boys Layout by Leila Cardoso

Hello Ladies

Here's Leila again with another layout using this wonderful papers by The Robin's Nest, Special Delivery Collection...

Let's see?

And of course I used the dew drops, I love this so much!

I hope you like it and don't forget, Special Delivery papers are 20% off in the store!!!


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hi guys! Aimée here again for the April post. How cool is it that I get to post today? Super cool! Hope you all have a wonderful Day! I'm really excited about this month's project, I decided to do something completely different. I created 2 mixed media resin pendants.

This months special at The Robin's Nest is "Special Delivery" 20% off this month!

Ok let's get started!

I call this first one "Young at Heart".

Ingredients are a deep heart bezel pendant, ice resin (purchased at Hobby Lobby and all in the same section), Robin's Nest papers, sheet music, glitter, jump rings, cord for the necklace, dew drops.

Start by loosely trimming around the bezel in the shape of the heart with a craft knife. This paper is found here.

Next flip over the bezel and trace the inner edge.

Then trim it with scissors, it's hard to get it exact but it's not going to matter.

Next use the first heart you trimmed as a stencil and trace it onto the Pink Roses Vellum. Cut it out with scissors.

Lay the paper on top of each other inside the bezel and then rip out a flower piece from this paper.

Next I ripped out a piece of vintage sheet music and placed that over the top. (I'm just checking out the layers now to see how it looks placed there.)

Next I trimmed out a vintage photo of a sweet little girl and placed her on top.

Next I started to add in the layers with a glue/sealant. You could use golden matte medium or buy the paper sealant made for these pendants.

I sealed and layered in the papers and added some rhinestones for placement.

Next mix the 2 parts of Ice Resin in the cup and mix for 1 minute with the popsicle stick it the cup comes with.

Let it settle for about a minute.

You can either pour it in slowly or put it in bit by bit with the end of the popsicle stick (preferred).

Don't fill it to the top yet, add some sparkles. Let that layer settle for about 30 minutes.

Next it's ready for the next layer.

I added in a sealed piece of music nots, tissue paper and the vintage photo with colored in pink cheeks. I also put in another rhinestone and a few matching dew drops and a top layer of resin. Let it dry overnight and on a plastic bag or parchment paper.

Here she is fully cured, time to add her to a cord with a jump ring or 2.

Isn't she pretty??

NEXT UP the boy pendant necklace!

I did the same steps as above but with the boy paper and obviously a photo of a boy. This paper is called Belgian Chocolate mmmmmm! I then added a vintage looking star sticker I had.

Seal each part, back and front and let dry. Put it in the bezel.

Next I outlined the image with a white gel pen.

Next I added a white mother of pearl button. Add the resin and follow the above resin steps, let it dry overnight.

At the last minute I decided he didn't look like a good boy and crossed out the "good" with a black journaling pen. Funny thing is in the original photo he was holding his hands together like he was praying. Is he good?? Then I assembled it on a cord with jump rings and a pre-made trinket that dangles. There ya go! Hope you enjoyed this! I had a blast making them!


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